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DAMF Detroit Art & Music Festival

The Detroit Art & Music Festival
CH313.TV and APOC Concert Series presents:
The Detroit Art & Music Festival
Sunday May 30th, 2021
The Tangent Art Gallery
2pm – 2amFeatured DJs/VJs
Stage #1
Kevin Dysard
Billy Love
Tony Nova

Dr. Tingle Fingers
Augustus Williams
Mizz Chavez
Alexa Rae
Nervous Recs
Clam Bake
Stage #2
Johnny Knowledge
Doc Colony
Dos Lopez
Dental Work
Wonky Wombat Galactafly
V J StrokeNfold
Featured Artists
The McClure Collection
In Art I trust
Katrina Maria Designs
Ari & Jeric Studios
XO Detroit
The JuiceBox Studios
Detroit Dungeon
Moosey Moose
Lyko Creations
Dank Frank Merch
The Horses BananaTickets on sale now

$10.00 Early Bird
$15.00 ADV
$18 DOAIf you would like to vend at this event please contact See Less